Renovation Resolutions: 3 Ways to Make Your Old Home Like New

Whether you are preparing to sell your home in 2014, or just want to update your current digs, there are several ways to ring in the new year and make your old home like new.

1. Update Your Appliances.

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. For buyers, a well-kept kitchen is one of the most important features. If appliances are old or bottom of the line, they won’t look twice at purchasing your home. For homeowners, having a kitchen with state of the art appliances makes the entire house feel more polished and welcoming.

With as much time as we spend in our kitchens preparing, and often eating, our meals, updating your appliances adds value to your home – both tangibly and intangibly.

Tangibly, new appliances increase the value of your home in a few ways:

1. New appliances are worth more than outdated models.

2. Upgrading to Energy Star appliances saves on energy costs.

Intangibly, new appliances save you time and effort. New refrigerators are designed to store more food than older models. Plus, they have features that make accessing what you need simpler, so you’re less inclined to forget leftovers in the back of the fridge. And of course, a  new dishwasher saves you from having to scrub dishes before you put them in the machine – or from having to run the dishwasher twice because the first time did not properly clean them.

2. Repaint Everything.

Repainting your home, both inside and out, is the simplest way to change the entire feel of your space and make your old home feel like new.

exterior paint colors Renovation Resolutions: 3 Ways to Make Your Old Home Like New

Houzz is a great place to go for exterior paint inspiration.

Freshening up the outside of your home increases curb appeal, and thus, ups the value of your property. To give your home a modern feel, go for unexpected color combinations that provide a stark contrast. Of course, remember that “unexpected” does not equal garish. Nix any ideas you might have for neon orange trim!

You can have a little bit more fun with the inside of your home. Grey, blue and orange (again, not neon!) are hot colors right now.

Another trend right now is to paint your ceiling a lighter shade of your wall color. If you opt for a dark blue wall, then paint your ceiling a light blue. To add major drama, go for a dark ceiling and a light wall color.

If you’re planning on selling your home, choose your colors wisely, but definitely choose color! White paint is seen as institutional by buyers and doesn’t feel very homey.

 3. Swap in New Fixtures.

This is a fun and creative way to make your old home feel like new. It’s often the smaller, subtle touches that set one home apart from the rest of the pack, so try updating your lighting, your faucets, your door handles or your cabinet handles . . or update them all!

People spend a lot of time choosing a kitchen faucet, but bathroom faucets are typically nothing special. You might not be able to afford an entire bathroom remodel, but you can give your space a spa like feel with a coat of paint and a chic new facet, the Brookhaven faucet by Cifial pictured to the right.

Likewise, replace standard ceiling light fixtures with elegant pendant lamps to add style to your home. Ceiling lamps add more style and value to the home than floor lamps. If you don’t already have ceiling lamps in your rooms, consider contacting an electrician to have them installed.

Finally, another easy way to make your old home feel like new is to change out the handles on your doors and cabinetry. For your doors, use lever handles instead of knobs. They make a home feel more stylish and modern. For cabinets, choose handles that fit the overall style of your home. BHG has some great examples of different styles.

All of these changes will add to the value of your home and infuse your home with more personality – which is great if you are planning to sell or just updating your nest.

What renovations will you be doing in 2014? Tell us in the comments.

 Renovation Resolutions: 3 Ways to Make Your Old Home Like New

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